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Start your campaign with confidence with Predict App

What will give better results? This classic question is now easier to answer with the "Predict App," an AI-powered tool that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each item to meet your specific needs. The prediction will tell you why each recommended piece of content is expected to receive good feedback, allowing you to create confidently.

No more guessing whether a woman looks better in a pink or green shirt, or whether a family eating at home or in nature is more appealing, when you use the Predict App. The app knows which images and pixels are trending and stand out, so you have to test less and deliver good results faster.

Content creation and decision making are difficult, and often end up with guessing. However, from now on, every decision you make can be aided by Shutterstock.AI, which helps you save time and money. The Predict tool will help you predict current trends with over 400,000 million sets of scientific data, providing you with in-depth insights, predictions, and recommendations.

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